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World Blackbelt Association

The World Blackbelt Association was formed in 2008
by Board members of the United World Muay Thai Association
A fight Promoting and Regulation setting Non-Profit Organization
! We are a non profit organization ourselves dedicated to the Study
and Enlightenment of Martial Arts World wide.
Thank you for your interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions

World Blackbelt Association Membership
Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How many gyms are there in my area?  Answer: We are working to affiliate with more gyms every day. If you need help finding a gym, please give us a call 212-935-4441 and we will help you find a credited gym, if we have no affiliates in your area, we will still do the research for you and find the gym with the best fit for your needs.
  2. Even though I train or trained at a school or gym that is not affiliated with you can I still get certified for my rank and level with you?  Answer: Yes, we will check with your current or past instructor and give you a certification for that rank or level, all free or charge. ( Printed 11x17 certificate - addition fee )
  3. I want to open my own school, How many years of training does it take to become a certified teacher. Answer: Most gyms and school require at least a 4th Degree / 5th degree Black to be a full teacher, 2nd Dan will sometimes function as teaching assistance. Well to answer the first question, anyone can open a gym or school, but the more years of training you have the better teacher you will be.
  4. In most cases a junior Instructor is about 4-5 years or so depending on the student and the Martial Art. To become a senior instructor takes about 9-10 years. A Junior instructor can teach beginner to intermediate students.  Yes, if you open a new gym and we feel you have the right training we will back you and your school by sending web traffic your way and recommending new student in your area to your gym all 100% free.
  5. Does the World Black Belt Association charge for affiliate pages or spots on your website? Answer : NO, any school or gym may advertise their gym free of charge, even if they are not registered as a official affiliate school of the World Blackbelt Association.

Training Gear

Hand Wraps and Wrist Protection

Our Top Choices Of Hand Wraps

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Hand and Wrist Protection

We all use hand wraps in the world of Muay Thai, well, most of us anyway. 
We need hand wraps for Wrist Protection, that is the main reason you need them.
After more than a 16 years of training and another decade of teaching, I have seen many wrist injuries, but I don't recall anyone complaining their knuckles hurt, ok, I will say, "maybe once or twice" to be safe.
You can guess how many times you would hit the bags or focus mitts over those years; It's Tens of Thousands of times that I would guess; That damage from impacts to your wrist will take its toll! Whether wearing 4/5 ounce gloves or 12/16 ounce, you should always wear Hand Wraps; it is a must!

Cleaning and washing your Wraps:
The dreaded machine; Many pro fighters over the years never wash their Hand Wraps; A superstitious bunch to be sure! But I understand, it's kind of like washing out the coffee pot; to some, it's sacred.

Only wash them on "GENTLE CYCLE ONLY," like a handwashing cycle if your washer has one.
If you throw them in with your jeans, on heavy wash, it's over, especially with the elastic wraps or Simi stretchy cotton wraps; I personally never use them! Only the non-stretch with at least 160-200" inches.
Steer clear of the 120-inch wraps; they are not long enough for adequate protection, unless you have very small wrists and hands.

After a few washings, I would throw them out; Maybe I never kept mine long enough to complain about them falling apart! But so many people do complain about them falling apart, or ripping and tearing; I suspect they are washing them wrong.

So it is up to you what route you go, what flavor of wraps you prefer.
All this being said, we decided to do some hand wrap testing, to see how well they each would stand up to punishment.

We took the six best-selling wraps on and used them, with no gloves, wraps on the bag. Typically this is not the way Hand Wraps are meant to be used, but I know everyone does it; I'm guilty too.

If you are a heavyweight fighter and you have a few hour-long sessions on a heavy bag, with just Hand Wraps, those Wraps are going to take some abuse. Of course now days they PRINT the logos on the bags; Back in the day,  they would sew on these big thick patches to the bags, right about at head height, and hooking your wraps on the corners of the big logo patch, did not help your wraps any. But that's why we always had gloves on, right?

The 6 Top Selling Wraps we tested are:
1.  Fairtex
2. Amber Sports
3. Sanabul
4. Meister
5. Pro Impact 180
6. Everlast Regular and  Everlast Pro Series

The criteria for the test was: On Amazon, they had to have
a min of 2,000 purchases and 2% or less in 1-star reviews.
( Amber Sports is the exception ) to this rule. I have used their Wraps for decades, so I had to list them too.

The two longest-lasting Hand Wraps are Fairtex in the high price range -- $20 US per pair and Amber Sports in the mid price range. ; Amber price is $10-15 US dollars, is a good sound choice in a medium price Hand Wrap. Another mid-tier wrap solution is Pro Impact Wrap; And Meister Hand Wraps, at approximately $10 US Dollars per pair, they are a good choice in the price range.

Fairtex sports equipment will always be one of our favorites here at the UWMTA and in the world of Muay Thai. They are high quality and made in the country that invented our favorite Martial Art. Fairtex wraps typically range from $20-30 US Dollars in the States. However, in Thailand, they are considerably less expensive.

And for the budget-minded, there are Everlast Hand Wraps; they are an ok budget solution to start.
You spend hundreds and even thousands of dollars on training and equipment; And sometimes Wraps are at the end of that budget they are a ok alternative, typically ranging from around $20 dollars US for three pairs or about $7-8 dollars US for a single pair.
There is also Everlast Pro 180 inch Wraps and they are approximately $15-18 Dollars in the US per pair; It is their Mid-High range Wrap.

Another economical choice is Sanabul; they are around $20 Dollars in the US for three pairs And last for some time; They stood up very well  for a $6-7 Dollars US hand Wrap.

Keep in mind The UWMTA is not affiliated with these companies in any way. We have included Amazon links here just in case you would like to check out any of these brands mentioned.

We encourage you to find the Hand Wraps that work best for you! If you see some excellent Hand Wraps or any products you feel we should let our members know about.
please email us at -

Thank you!
Remember to Train Hard!
And Muay Thai Fighters - Respect All - But Fear None!


Number 1
High End
Hand Wraps

Fairtex  Wraps

Number 1 Budget Wraps

Sanabul  Wraps

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Smile and laugh!

Soon our schedules should be back to normal, and instead of missing our old schedules, i'm looking forward to our new ones!

Jim Evest

Canada Member

Still Waiting

I'm still waiting for my gym to start up again. It has been a exercise in patients waiting to train again.

Julie Franklin

NY Member

No workout help!

Due to Covid-19 Our gym has had to cancel all group training sessions, so no buddy workouts
only private lessons have been available.

Brian Gonzales

CA Member

Workout 4 days a Week

I love hitting the long bag. Every morning I do 30 mins of, front teep, Elbows and knees. It gets me ready for the day.

William D

CA Member

Covid-19 Isolation

I train all the time now, with social distancing and most places I used to go closed down, I spend all my spare time working out and sleeping, and eating too.

Andrew Cooper

CA Member

The Bully Factor

A friend told me about Martial Arts and how much of a great sport and activity it was, So I thought to try it. I do admit, training was hard when your used to sitting at a computer desk all day long, but after a few weeks, I got used to it and feel more confident then ever!

David Tate

 Il Member

I love Martial Arts

I started out in Shaolin Kempo and then moved to Muay Thai, being in sports and fitness was a big part of my upbringing and with many family members in the martial art, I learned to LOVE iT!!

Nikki E 

TX Member

Fighting for me is a way of life.

I have been in the martial arts all my life and after I joined the and trained at Blue Tiger for more that 10 years and started being a referee for amateur fight circuit and then moved on to pro and I do this full time now.

Fred Johnson

NY Member

Houston Lady Safe classes

We live in Texas and though it is a pretty safe place, My wife started taking Lady Safe classes it was sponsored by the World Blackbelt Association, I eventually found a gym in my area and have been working out a couple a days a week for more that 3 years

Michael Purung

TX Member

Recommended Gear

!We are not affiliated with -  Coming Soon

MMA / Muay Thai Shorts

Elite MMA Shorts Review

Coming Soon

We acquired some Elite MMA shorts and really like Them!
The fit is just right and they feel good on.  We like a loose fit shorts, so we would recommend one size larger. We have been training in them for over a month and would recommend them to anyone looking for MMA or Muay Thai shorts. The prices are very reasonable too.


Training Gear.


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