About the Black Belt Association

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How we got started

  • Board members of the The United World Muay Thai Association, a governing body of Mixed Martial Arts Organizations and Vice President Jack Molho, Chief of Staff William Petropulos as well as some of the Grand Masters council of Muay Thai were looking for a way to bring together all Martial Artists, regardless of Styles and Disciplines in one location. Example: The Martial Arts world is segregated like Religious denomination, they all believe in God, but differ on there way a worship and practices:
  • Here at the Black Belt Association we want to promote your Style's and Disciplines we love diversity, its what help us as a species to grow.
  • We are all Martial Artists and should embrace ALL Styles of learning and all disciplines of the Arts
  • We as Martial Artists know that training is not just a sport or a physical activity for the True Martial Artists it can only be described as a WAY OF LIFE
  • We here at the Black Belt Association feel that we can all learn from one another and take the life Journey of Martial Arts together.
  • The more Skills we learn the higher conciseness we achieve.